Shirodhara is considered to be a rejuvenating and cleansing treatment. Additionally, it contributes to preventing numerous diseases, as the toxins accumulated within the body are extracted, while the oil simultaneously provides nutrients for both the body and the spirit.

Shirodhara strengthens our bodies, rejuvenates it, slows down the aging processes, and increases our lifespan. It helps us treat the ailments of the throat, eyes, ears, nose, increases blood flow, memory processes, nourishes the hair and skin, slows down the process of hair graying, rejuvenates the skin. It is also one of the most effective methods of stress relief, decreasing anxiety, treating migraines, headaches, backaches, insomnia. Moreover, Shirodhara decreases blood pressure, helps treating asthma, diabetes, decreases cholesterol levels, gastric ulcers, enlarged prostate, rheumatism. In general, it will relax your entire body and provide you with internal balance.

Shirodhara in therapy

In case of treating mild illnesses mentioned above, it is recommended to have a series of treatments at least once a week. In case of serious illnesses, a series of 14 to 21 days of treatments is recommended. The therapy is also applicable for children above 10.

In case of a series of many treatments, the price is determined individually after consulting the customer.

Available options:

0,5h*150 zł /os.
1h230 zł /os.

* - massage performed exclusively in a package

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